Care Guide - Label and Icons

STS Ranchwear Product Care Guide: Apparel & Care Labels

We know that your apparel is bound to face the grime and grit of everyday life. That’s why we test every piece of apparel on the ranch prior to being put into production.

If it’s time to clean your jacket or vest, be sure to check out the care label that is sewn into the lining of the item. These labels are specific to each product and designed intentionally to ensure each product is cleaned correctly.

Some care labels have written cleaning instructions, while others are explained with symbols. In either case simply follow the instructions. If your jacket or vest does not have a care label, please contact us for more information.


Failure to follow specific care instructions can void your product guarantee.

For help in understanding how to clean your item, here are some examples of the symbols you will find on our care labels:

Care Guide - Water Temperature This symbol indicates normal washing conditions at 30 degrees. The number correlates to the maximum water temperature. A bar below the symbol indicates using a gentle wash cycle.
Care Guide - Ironing This symbol tells you if you can iron the item or not. An ‘X’ through the symbol means do not iron.
Care Guide - Bleaching A triangle symbol indicates if bleaching is allowed. An ‘X’ through the symbol means no bleach allowed.
Care Guide - Professional Cleaning A circle symbol indicates whether or not the item can be dry cleaned. A plain circle indicates ‘dry clean only’. A circle with a ‘P’ in it indicates the item needs professional care. An ‘X’ through the symbol means item do not dry clean.
Care Guide - Dryer Instructions A circle in a box symbol indicates that the item can be tumble dried. One dot inside the circle indicates using a low heat setting while two dots indicate a high heat setting. An ‘X’ through the symbol means do not tumble dry.
Care Guide - Line Drying A symbol with a curved line across the top indicates your item should be line dried. The box with 3 lines indicates drip drying.

If you have any other questions, please contact us. Our customer service representatives will respond to your inquiry within 24 - 48 hours (Monday - Friday).

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